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Modular Chamber

Prefabricated altitude chambers that can be expanded, disassembled, and relocated for maximum versatility.

Some Of Our Builds

  • Modular altitude chamber with workout equipment inside
  • Inside view of a modular chamber and workout equipment
  • Dimensions: 15’ x 15’ x 9’
  • Altitude Range: Sea Level - 17,000'
  • Application: Rehabilitation and Sports Performance
  • Modular altitude chamber with workout equipment inside
  • Modular altitude chamber with workout equipment inside
  • Dimensions: 12’ x 10’ x 9’
  • Altitude Range: Sea Level - 14,000'
  • Application: Rehabilitation and Sports Performance
Sketching blueprint

How It's Built

Hypoxico’s fully-customized modular chambers can be free-standing or integrated into an existing wall or corner. A multitude of options for panel materials, door styles, and accessories are available to completely outfit each chamber. They are custom manufactured before being assembled onsite by our technicians. The necessary equipment is then installed in the mechanical space, establishing the hypoxic supply and completing the modular chamber.


As with all altitude chambers, the HVAC system used in the chamber must be of a closed-loop design, such as the many mini-split units on the market. These units do not introduce outside air to the chamber, but rather exchange heat to/from the fresh hypoxic air our systems provide.

The panels used to construct these chambers provide an extremely-well sealed environment to protect the simulated altitude within. Any existing construction that is integrated as part of the chamber must be properly sealed as well. Minimizing points of leakage (windows, doors, outlets, lights, etc.) is a critical step in this process. The better the altitude chamber is sealed, the better it will hold at the desired simulated altitude and the more efficient the system will operate.

Most chamber designs require some dedicated mechanical space for the associated equipment. Actual space, electrical, and heating/cooling needs are dependent on the specific solution provided.

Get in Touch

The cost of an altitude chamber is dependent on several factors. The Hypoxico Team can more quickly and accurately provide you with an estimate if you are able to provide any of the following information:

  • Floor plans of location in which modular chamber will be placed
  • Desired length, width, and height of chamber
  • Preferences for materials, door(s), or any other special features
  • Number of active and passive users
  • Commercial or residential application
  • Whether the modular chamber will be integrated with any existing construction
  • Anticipated patterns of usage of the chamber
  • Desired altitude range
  • Approximate desired date of completion

To request a quote, please contact us at 212-972-1009 or