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Altitude Training Applications

  • Runners racing on a track

    Athletic Performance

    Altitude training enhances both aerobic and anaerobic performance, leading to increased speed, power and faster recovery time.

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  • Man trekking through the snow, surrounded by mountains


    Altitude training allows mountaineers to ascend faster, and helps anyone traveling to high altitudes reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness.

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  • Man running down gravel road

    Health & Wellness

    Altitude training decreases resting heart rate and blood pressure, increases metabolism, and provides a number of wellness and therapeutic benefits.

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  • Man on treadmill being monitored by scientist


    Many college and university research facilities have used Hypoxico systems in a variety of tests concerning the impact of altitude on human physiology.

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  • Navy SEALs training in snowy mountains

    Military & Government

    Hypoxico systems have been used by the highest levels of American and global military groups to train for performance and survival in high altitude settings.

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  • Multiple people practicing kickboxing in massive altitude chamber

    Training Facilities

    Altitude Training is known for decades as the best way to preparing for competition in sports, boosting performance and immunity and extending life.

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