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Altitude Chambers

From small modular chambers and bedroom conversions, to entire gyms and even swimming pools, we can build an altitude chamber of any size for any use.

We also build full environmental chambers with altitude, temperature, and humidity control, allowing you to simulate any location on earth.

Every chamber is fully custom, so please call or email us to discuss your project:

A few of our many chambers around the world:

  • Group of people working out on stationary bikes inside and altitude chamber
  • Group of people kickboxing in an altitude chamber
  • Boxer and training inside modular altitude chamber
  • Row of treadmills inside altitude chamber
  • Entire gym altitude chamber with many people working
  • Man on treadmill being monitored by scientist
  • Modular altitude chamber with training equipment inside
  • Inflatable altitude chamber over indoor swimming pool lane
  • Altitude chamber with workout machines inside
  • Sports team on stationary bikes inside altitude chamber