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About Hypoxico

Hypoxico, Inc. first pioneered simulated altitude training systems by patenting normobaric hypoxic equipment (hypoxicator) for athletic performance enhancement and general wellness back in 1996. Over the years, Hypoxico has become known among elite athletes, trainers, universities and the military as the company developing and supplying the highest quality and most technologically advanced equipment available today.

What makes Hypoxico different?

Hypoxico, Inc. is the founder and sole patent holder of hypoxic technology, and we continue to be the only company that not only makes its own equipment, but continues to develop new products and accessories.

Hypoxico, Inc. is currently run by a dedicated team of former college athletes, elite mountaineers, and pro ultrarunners. We maintain strong relationships with each of our distributors supplying Hypoxico equipment throughout the world and look forward to working with and supporting others in the future.

Hypoxico Patents

As the pioneer in simulated altitude training technology, Hypoxico was the FIRST company to obtain patents pertaining to the creation and application of hypoxic air.

Hypoxico wrote and owns the rights to the following patents:

  • US No. 5799652 “Hypoxic room system and equipment for hypoxic training and therapy at standard atmospheric pressure”
  • US No, 5850833 Apparatus for hypoxic training and therapy
  • US No. 5887439 Hypoxic clean room systems for industrial applications
  • US No. 5924419 Apparatus for passive hypoxic training and therapy
  • US No. 5964222 Hypoxic Tent System
  • EU Patent No. EU 95985201 “Hypoxic room system and equipment for hypoxic training and therapy”
  • CANADIAN Patent No. 2,227,444 “Hypoxic room system and equipment for hypoxic training and therapy”